COBOL today, Java tomorrow

Literally, "tomorrow", and that's only the beginning.

COBOL today, Java tomorrow

P3/COBOL and the 3 P's

What do the three P's represent?


P3/COBOL always maintains the precise behavior of your legacy COBOL application in the Java world.


P3/COBOL produces Java from your COBOL legacy application and performs at the highest level possible in the Java world.


P3/COBOL provides unlimited choices for the evolution of the legacy COBOL application in the Java world.

P3/COBOL - more than just a compiler

Quick look at some key P3/COBOL features in less then 5 minutes.

P3/COBOL is compatible with all modern platforms because P3/COBOL is written in 100% Java, produces 100% pure Java, and can be used anywhere Java can be used.

Mac OS X