P3/COBOL Compiler

Cobol Standard & Dialects

P3/COBOL supports a large number of the ISO 1989:2014 standard COBOL features, especially when they apply to a capability that is important to P3/COBOL’s application modernization goal.

  • P3/COBOL fully complies with the highest levels of the 1985 standard
  • Many important additions to the COBOL language in the 2014 ISO standard are included
  • P3/COBOL is a fully-compatible superset of the RM/COBOL language dialect
  • Support of many language extensions permitted by the various mainframe dialects & Micro Focus
P3/COBOL Product Details
P3/COBOL Product Details

Built-in Embedded SQL (ESQL)

P3/COBOL provides a built-in capability to allow the embedding of static and dynamic SQL directly within the COBOL program. The P3/COBOL approach avoids the need for pre-compilation by compiling ESQL into native Java JDBC functions.

  • P3/COBOL compiles ESQL into native Java JDBC functions
  • No need for pre-compilation required (but can be used if required)
  • Allows overriding of the JDBC-connection by using a self-written native Java-class
  • Support for any database that supports the JDBC interface
  • Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many others

Embedded Java

P3/COBOL provides a unique and seamless way to do that. Called "embedded Java", you can, at any time within the procedure division of the COBOL program, program using the native Java language and then fall back into the COBOL language.

  • Using the native Java language at any time within the procedure division of the COBOL program
  • Easily instantiate Java classes and invoke methods in the most readable & natural way
  • Full access to all COBOL data items within the COBOL embedded Java mode
  • Easy to use syntax, because it is "pure Java" within "pure COBOL"
  • Well accepted by all developers
P3/COBOL Product Details

Java Augmented Syntax (JAS)

In order to allow much more robust and maintainable COBOL programs, P3/COBOL permits an alternative form for many of the COBOL language constructs.

  • P3/COBOL permits an alternative form for many of the COBOL language constructs
  • Represent exactly the same semantics as the traditional COBOL expression
  • JAS may be freely intermixed with traditional syntax
  • Programmer may employ them incrementally to improve the readability and maintainability of COBOL code

P3/COBOL Utility

The P3/COBOL utility is a a fast, efficient, and easy to use command line tool. Multi-threaded compilation, application client-/server-handling, and indexed file tools are only some of the features.

  • Multi-threaded builds for a faster compilation of the entire application
  • Easy implementation in other developer tools like Sublime, Visual Studio Code, etc.
  • Managing the P3/COBOL application server
  • Indexed files utility for backup, volume management or data-dumps
P3/COBOL Product Details