P3/COBOL Eclipse IDE

More productivity for COBOL

The P3/COBOL IDE is designed to maximize developer productivity.

  • P3/COBOL Indexer for a deep analysis of your COBOL application
  • All features from P3/COBOL Editor are included
  • Powerful Debugger for a fast analysis
  • Fast multi-threaded build system
P3/COBOL Product Details
P3/COBOL Product Details

Deep intelligence

After P3/COBOL has indexed your source code, it offers a blazingly fast and intelligent experience by giving relevant suggestions in every context: clever code completion, on-the-fly syntax check and more.

  • Code-completion including copybook variables
  • Resolved variable naming for copy-replacing
  • Hyperlinks on variables, sections, paragraphs and literal program calls
  • Mouse-over tooltip shows all relevant details of the variable (definition, picture clause, etc.)
  • Mark occurrences shows all locations where a variable is used
  • All features are available in copybooks depending on their relationships

Intuitive COBOL debugger

The P3/COBOL Debugger implementation lets you easily dive deep into your code so you know what goes on in your application at each single step.

  • Debug your entire Cobol application
  • Put breakpoints right in the source code
  • Explore the call stack and variables
  • Hover over variables to get quick access to all details
  • Set watches to focus on important variables
  • Mixed-debugging "Cobol & Java" at the same time
P3/COBOL Product Details
P3/COBOL Product Details

Variables and Expressions views

  • Stay focused on the variables related to the debugging context
  • Dive deeper into a variable group context while expanding the group till to the byte level
  • High performance even when viewing large variables (32.000 bytes and more)
  • Change the variable value during debugging in ASCII & HEX mode