P3/COBOL Eclipse Editor

Cobol Explorer

Easily navigate through your COBOL project

  • Manage the entire application in one place
  • COBOL programs and copybooks
  • Bash-/shell-scripts
  • Project configuration via XML-based file
P3/COBOL Product Details
P3/COBOL Product Details


Fast navigation from Cobol sources to definitions in copybooks

  • Abstract overview of the entire COBOL source
  • Lists DIVISONs, SECTIONs, PARGRAPHs, variables and repositories
  • Shows the level number of the defined variables
  • Expand COBOL groups
  • Resolves variable names from copy replacing
  • Quickly jump to the location in the source


All relationships of the active source are available in this view. It handles COBOL sources and copybooks.

  • List of all used copybooks in the active source
  • List of all called subprograms in the active source
  • Shows the dependencies a program or copybook has in the project
  • Quickly jump to the location in the source
P3/COBOL Product Details
P3/COBOL Product Details

Deep intelligence

After P3/COBOL has indexed your source code, it offers a fast and intelligent experience with a code completion, on-the-fly syntax check, and more.

  • Code-completion including copybook variables
  • Resolved variable naming for copy-replacing
  • Hyperlinks on variables, sections, paragraphs and literal program calls
  • Mouse-over tooltip shows all relevant details of the variable (definition, picture clause, etc.)
  • Mark occurrences shows all locations where a variable is used
  • All features are available in copybooks depending on their relationships